Tuition-Free Workforce Training

The WorkReadyNH program at Lakes Region Community College helps job seekers and career builders improve their skills and add a nationally recognized credential to their resume. WorkReadyNH provides 60 hours of classroom instruction in “soft skills” practices identified by employers as key to workplace success. The National Career Readiness Certificate is an evidence-based, portable credential from ACT and used in all 50 states in the hiring process to reduce hiring costs and ensure workplace success and retention.

For more information, visit the WorkReadyNH webpages.


This is a tuition-Free program, regardless if you are working full time, part time, or unemployed and are:      

  • NH Residents age 18+
  • Not a full-time student

What you get from taking this tuition-Free program?

  • Learn skills to become a great team player
  • Gain self confidence
  • Define your strengths
  • Fine tune your resume, interviewing skills and job-keeping skills

In addition to participants pursuing the National Career Readiness Certificate training online, the class includes 60 hours of Professional Development Workshops centered around Communication Strengths in the Workplace. Topics include: job/mock interviewing, networking, employer expectations, communication skills with co-workers/supervisors, team building, conflict resolution, problem solving, business etiquette, safety regulations, and customer service. Completion of these workshops allows individuals to get feedback in a safe environment while they ‘practice’ their employment readiness skills and possibly discover a new career direction before entering the workforce.

How to register:

WorkReadyNH is offered throughout the Community College System of New Hampshire. To see the WorkReady schedule, View WorkReady Schedule (PDF)
To register and find out more please call (603) 271-6484, ext. 4426 or email.